Mike Ewer

I discovered the game of Subbuteo as a child in London. I had an old set my uncle gave me, but really started to get into it when the other young supporters of Walthamstow Avenue started talking about it, and we started the PCABR League, named after the two streets we lived on. It was only towards the end of our league’s existence in the mid-80s that we started to play on tables and use polish, which we had seen in use at tournaments in London. I was the proud owner of the first Astropitch in our league.

I rediscovered the game when doing an Internet search in 2003, and immediately sought other players and sources for the game here in the States. I set about putting together a web presence (MiSTFA.org) and arranging tournaments on a local, national and international level across the state of Michigan.

I have traveled to Toronto, DC, St Louis and London to play in FISTF tournaments, and have also taken part in events in Chicago.

Greatest moment: Scoring a last minute equalizer against Peter Alegi.

My team is Coit Park Rangers, named after my favourite real team QPR. Like QPR, Coit Park Rangers moved away from Coit Park but kept their name.


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