Paul Pate

I was born a Dallas Cowboys fan in Texas. Even when my family moved to Michigan, that didn’t change. I loved electric football. I played. I collected teams. I painted my own players.

I must have been about 10 when I got my hands on Subbuteo. I didn’t know how to play and the game eventually got wrecked and disappeared. Fast forward about 30 years to 2009. I was telling my wife about this silly game. Knowing how much I had grown to love soccer since my son Nathan had started playing, she bought me a set for our wedding anniversary present. She regrets it to this day! But, as all things good in my life start with her, Subbuteo is here to stay.

I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on my latest team (pictured here). I wish I would have had this team when I went to the national tournament back in August of 2015.


My team is Newcastle. I picked them because I liked the beer at the time when I wanted to pick a team. Now my subbuteo team is named the Myers View Magpies or MVM. My home pitch in my basement is called The Park at Myers View. I have a cloth pitch called The Sod at Myers View. The game is very different when played on the sod!

Most of the members of this club can rule me on the pitch. But, I love getting together and playing the game. I love having the team and the pitch. Maybe some day I’ll try to build St. James Park around it. That’d be so cool!!!


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