Welcome to the Grand Rapids Table Soccer Club


The good flicking people of the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area have started the Grand Rapids Table Soccer Club. Their mission is to play subbuteo, have fun, and develop the game in West Michigan. The founding members are Paul Pate (Rockford), Peter Alegi (East Lansing), Mike Ewer, Alex Galarza (both GR), and Marcus Fila (Holland). They are graciously hosted by Woodland Sports on 28th Street in Grand Rapids, where they host tournaments and casual play throughout the year.

The club extends an open invitation to join, and an even more open invitation to play, no matter the competitive level. You can be a casual observer or a hard-core competitor. You can be someone who loves soccer and wants to learn more about the game, or maybe just a collector who likes to paint teams and build stadiums. Whatever the interest level, you’re welcome to check us out.

In light of their mission, GRTSC would like to announce the continuation of an annual west Michigan tradition: the Turkey Shoot Table Soccer Tournament to be held at Woodland Sports on Sunday, November 22. Please consider joining us.


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