2016 Great Lakes Subbuteo


  1. Tim Tumminaro
  2. Ilias Gikas
  3. Peter Alegi
  4. Mike Ewer
  5. Paul Pate
  6. Brian Lambert
  7. Marcus James Fila
  8. Erik Haefke


A. Register by Jan. 29.

B. Contact Paul Pate or Tim Tumminaro to Register.

C. League competes from Jan 2016 to July 2016.

D. There will be 10 to 12 games depending on the number of players.

E. Each player must travel to at least one remote site to compete during the season. This can be done in conjunction with other events or tournaments.

F. Each player is going to be on their honor in making their best attempt to play against as many opponents as possible. But, the schedule is completely flexible.



  1. POINTS – 3 for a win, 1 for a draw.
  2. Ten minute halves.
  3. FISTF rules apply for general play.
  4. HOUSE RULE – Extra time at the end of a half if a team has possession in the attacking half of the field.

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