Goodbye and Thank You

In 2003 I started up MiSTFA in the hope of finding other Subbuteo players in Michigan. For the past twelve years or so, I have organised tournaments and attracted players from all over the globe.

Ironically, since finding the likes of Peter Alegi, Paul Pate, Marcus Fila, Alex Galarza and Brian Lambert to push the game on in the state, my interest in the game started to dwindle. I reached out for help in organising the game, and Peter and Paul stepped into the breach, forming GRTSC.

I have now retired from tournament play. I just don’t enjoy playing any more. Maybe there’s too much other stuff going on. Maybe I have to concentrate on more serious parts of my life. I haven’t figured it out yet.

I will continue to maintain the domain but on a much reduced level. GRTSC will be the flagship of Michigan Subbuteo.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported MiSTFA over the past twelve or so years.

Mike Ewer


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