2016 Flicko de Mayo in Rockford


Top flickers from across the country to converge in Michigan on May 7 to compete for the Flicko de Mayo championship.

Venue: Courtland Township Hall, 7450 14 Mile Road Rockford, Michigan, 49341 [map]

Flicko 2016 is a FISTF Satellite, ASA, and WASPA event. The tournament will feature an individual Open competition and the inaugural Great Lakes Cup Team Challenge between Grand Rapids TSC and Chicago United TSC.

Tournament registration fee: $10 (payable in cash at the venue). Public welcome!

Contact Paul Pate or Peter Alegi to register.

Grand Rapids is a great place to visit. There are plenty of hotels nearby and Michigan is beautiful in May!


Past Champions

Year Champion Home
2015 Erik Haefke Iowa
2014 Peter Alegi East Lansing, MI
2013 Steve Laskey Ohio
2012 Mike Ewer Grand Rapids, MI



Player Club
Peter Alegi Grand Rapids
Marcus James Fila Grand Rapids
Paul Pate Grand Rapids
Alex Galarza Grand Rapids
Ilias Gikas Chicago
Erik Haefke Iowa
Tim Tumminaro Chicago
Dan Cranston Maryland
Dario Passadore Florida

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