Turkey Shoot VIII: Report


Grand Rapids TSC hosted the eighth edition of the Turkey Shoot on Sunday, December 18. The WASPA tournament was played at Big Kidz Games in Grand Rapids.

The five-man round robin stage featured several good games. Marcus Fila’s early goal against Paul Pate was all he needed for the win. Paul bounced back in the next match, capitalizing on a free kick to beat Alex Galarza 1-0. Newcomer Joe Legatz, who brought a beautiful 1980 Club Edition set to display, did very well and came within two minutes of earning a draw against Alex.

In the championship final, Peter Alegi completed a fine tournament by defeating Marcus 5-0 to claim the title. Alex took revenge on Paul with a 1-0 win in the third-place final. Grand Rapids TSC’s second year of activity has now ended and everyone is looking forward to 2017 when our club will host the ASA Nationals.


turkeyshoot2016_poster-copyROUND ROBIN

Peter Alegi – Joe Legatz 9-0
Marcus Fila – Paul Pate 1-0
Legatz – Fila 0-3
Pate – Alex Galarza 1-0
Alegi – Pate 5-0
Fila – Galarza 2-0
Galarza – Alegi 0-3
Legatz – Pate 0-2
Alegi – Fila 4-0
Legatz – Galarza 1-2

Alegi    12    4-0-0    21    0
Fila        9    3-0-1      6     4
Pate       6    2-0-2     3     6
Galarza  3    1-0-3     2     7
Legatz    0    0-0-4    1    16

Alegi – Fila 5-0

Pate – Galarza 0-1


Watch some of the action on our Facebook page.


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