Lake Effect Trophy 2017: Report

The 2017 Lake Effect Trophy, Grand Rapids’ traditional mid-winter tournament, took place on Sunday, January 22. The event was part of the WASPA circuit.

A tight round robin stage produced three one-goal games and two draws. Peter Alegi topped the five-man group followed by a three-way tie between Alex Galarza, Chris Sweetland, and Paul Pate. Joe Legatz continued to make great progress and sported a brilliant new team on Tchaaa Arrow bases. In the end, Peter won the tournament with a 4-0 victory against Alex in the final.

Everyone enjoyed a fine afternoon of Subbuteo. Many thanks to Big Kidz Games for hosting us and to Chris Sweetland for coming all the way from Chicago to play.

Lake Effect Trophy 2017 Results

Group Stage

Alegi – Sweetland 3-0
Legatz – Galarza 0-1
Legatz – Pate 0-1
Galarza – Alegi 0-3
Sweetland – Galarza 1-1
Alegi – Pate 4-0
Pate – Galarza 0-0
Legatz – Sweetland 0-1
Sweetland – Pate 1-1
Alegi – Legatz 4-0

Alegi 12 pts
Galarza 5*
Sweetland 5
Pate 5
Legatz 0

*won tie-breaker

Alegi-Galarza 4-0

Pate-Legatz 2-0

(Sweetland retired due to injury.)


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