Lake Effect Trophy Report

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Organizing a tournament in winter in Michigan is what makes Grand Rapids TSC’s Lake Effect Trophy special.

Not even heavy snow accumulation on Sunday, February 11, could stop Paul Pate and Joe Legatz from driving 70 miles from Grand Rapids to play this WASPA event in East Lansing. That’s real table soccer passion and commitment!

Four players completed a round robin, and then in the semifinals Paul edged Joe 1-0 on a spectacular long shot, while Peter beat newcomer Bernardo Maestrini. In the final, Peter ran away with the match against Paul in the second half to claim the 2018 Lake Effect Trophy. In the consolation final, Joe beat Bernardo to take third place.

East Lansing, Michigan

Paul Pate-Joe Legatz 1-1
Peter Alegi-Bernardo Maestrini 5-0
Paul-Bernardo 2-0
Joe-Peter 0-4
Paul-Peter 1-5
Joe-Bernardo 2-0

Peter 9 points (14 GF 1 GA)
Paul 4 (4-6)
Joe 4 (3-5)
Bernardo (0-9)

Paul-Joe 1-0
Peter-Bernardo 7-0

Paul vs Peter 0-6

3rd Place
Bernardo vs Joe 0-2


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