Alegi wins Flicko de Mayo


The 7th annual Flicko de Mayo tournament took place on May 5, at The Summit Sports Complex in the Lansing area.

Participants came from Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and, of course, Michigan, for this ASA Open/FISTF Satellite/WASPA event.

The first round of group play featured some exciting games. Erik Haefke held Alegi to a fiercely contested 1-1 draw, while Chris Sweetland scored the only goal against Paul Pate in a crucial head-to-head match. IIias Gikas bounced back from two early losses with a string of impressive wins. Alex Galarza and Joe Legatz put in solid performances as well.

In the semifinals, Haefke fought off Gikas’s comeback and Alegi took care of Sweetland. Alegi’s shooting touch was on fine display in the final, which he won 5-1 over Haefke.

In the last event of the day, Chicago TSC defeated Grand Rapids TSC 2-1 in the Great Lakes Cup (Team Challenge).

Thanks to all participants for the good competition and camaraderie. See you in 2019!



Alex Galarza – Chris Sweetland 1-1
Paul Pate – Joe Legatz 2-1
Erik Haefke – Ilias Gikas 4-1

Pate – Sweetland 0-1
Haefke – Legatz 3-0
Peter Alegi – Gikas 3-0

Galarza – Legatz 0-0
Haefke – Alegi 1-1
Sweetland – Gikas 1-5

Alegi – Galarza 3-0
Pate – Gikas 0-5
Sweetland – Legatz 3-0

Galarza – Haefke 0-3
Alegi – Pate 3-0
Legatz – Gikas 1-6

Gikas – Galarza 3-0
Pate – Haefke 0-2
Sweetland – Alegi 0-5

Galarza – Pate 0-1
Haefke – Sweetland 2-1
Legatz – Alegi 0-4



Alegi – Sweetland 4-0
Haefke – Gikas 2-1

Alegi – Haefke 5-1

GREAT LAKES CUP (Team Challenge)

Chicago TSC 2 – Grand Rapids TSC 1

[Gikas vs Pate 6-1, Sweetland vs Legatz 3-0, Haefke vs Alegi 2-5]


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