Alegi Wins U.S. Veteran Title

Grand Rapids TSC’s Peter Alegi claimed the club’s first national title on August 3 in San Francisco. He beat fellow Team USA member Bryan Arnold 1-0 in a hard-fought final [watch it here].

Alegi also reached the semifinals in the Nationals Open category and the FISTF International Open on August 4. Unfortunately, he suffered a pair of 0-1 losses to Benny Nuger (Colorado) and Daniel Cranston (Maryland).

Full results of the 2019 ASA Nationals Weekend, hosted brilliantly by the Northern California Subbuteo Club, are available here.

Alegi’s reflections on the weekend can be read in the “Champions Interview” posted here on the American Subbuteo Association website.

2020 ASA Nationals will take place in Alexandria, Virginia, with a summer date to be announced soon.


Cranston Wins 2019 Flicko de Mayo

Photo of participants
2019 Flicko de Mayo participants

Daniel Cranston from Maryland won the Flicko de Mayo FISTF International Open and ASA Major on May 18 in Lansing, Michigan.

Cranston receives the trophy from Grand Rapids TSC president Paul Pate

The current two-time defending national champion and Black Rose Roma player defeated Peter Alegi of Grand Rapids TSC 3-1 in a tightly contested final (watch it here).

Bryan Arnold (NoVA Union SC) and Ilias Gikas (Chicago United TSC) had impressive performances, placing second in their respective groups and reaching the semifinals.

Erik Haefke from Iowa won the WASPA consolation bracket with a solid 4-1 win over Eric Walton of Michigan.

In the team event, Chicago United TSC beat Grand Rapids TSC 2-1 to keep the Great Lakes Cup.

Congratulations to all participants. Thanks for making this year’s tournament a perfect mix of competition and camaraderie. See you in 2020 . . . and an open invitation to players from around the world to join us!

Chicago United TSC with the Great Lakes Cup



Cranston – Gikas 7-1

Haefke – Tumminaro 1-1

Haefke – Cranston 2-2

Tumminaro – Gikas 2-8

Cranston – Tumminaro 5-0

Haefke – Gikas 2-2


Cranston          7 pts      (GF 14 GA 3)

Gikas                4          (11-11)

Haefke              3          (5-5)

Tumminaro      1          (3-14)


Alegi – Pate 8-2

Arnold – Walton 1-1

Alegi – Legatz 4-0

Walton – Pate 2-1

Walton – Legatz 0-0

Arnold – Pate 3-1

Alegi – Walton 1-0

Arnold – Legatz 5-0

Alegi – Arnold 1-1

Pate – Legatz 1-0


Alegi                 10 pts    (14-3)

Arnold               8          (10-3)

Walton              5          (3-3)

Pate                  3          (5-13)

Legatz               1          (0-10)


Cranston – Arnold 6-1

Alegi – Gikas 5-4


Cranston – Alegi 3-1


Tumminaro (left) vs Walton


Walton – Tumminaro 2-1

Haefke – Pate 2-1


Haefke – Walton 4-1


Chicago United TSC – Grand Rapids TSC 2-1

(Haefke – Legatz 5-1 / Gikas – Alegi 5-2 / Tumminaro – Walton 1-2)

Club friendlies at Myers View

Paul Pate scores a last-minute tying goal vs Joe Legatz, April 28, 2019.

On Sunday, April 28, 2019, club friendlies took place at Myers View. It was a fun way to get the winter rust out and prepare for Flicko de Mayo on May 18 in Lansing.

With participants from five U.S. states and one Canadian province, this year’s Flicko is a FISTF International Open and ASA Major for the first time in its eight-year history. That same weekend GRTSC will be playing against Chicago United TSC for the Great Lakes Cup. In the three-year history of this great rivalry, Chicago holds a 2-1 edge.

2019 Lake Effect Trophy


This year’s Lake Effect Trophy is scheduled for January 27 in East Lansing. The tournament is part of the international WASPA circuit.

A round robin will be followed by semifinals and final. Flicking starts at 11am.

In 2018, the event was true to its name. Participants from Grand Rapids braved snow and ice to reach the venue in East Lansing. (Tournament report here.) Nothing quite like winter subbuteo in the Great Lakes. That’s what makes the Lake Effect Trophy truly special.

Contact us on FB (/grtablesoccer) for more info and to participate.

Alegi Takes Third at Los Angeles FISTF IO

Peter Alegi and Varant Kurkeyerian in Oxnard, CA.


GRTSC’s Peter Alegi continued his preparation for the 2018 FISTF World Cup with a strong performance in the International Open on August 12 in Oxnard, California.

The tournament featured all five members of the USA squad heading to Gibraltar. In group play, Alegi faced three of them, beating Paul O’Donovan Rossa and Bryan Arnold, and losing to Daniel Cranston.

The remaining World Cup team member and eventual tournament champion, Christian Filippella, dispatched Alegi 5-0 in the semifinal. The GRTSC player then edged out  California’s Varant Kurkeyerian in the third-place game.

For full results click here.


REPORT: ASA Nationals 2018

The ASA National championships took place outside Denver, Colorado, on June 9-10. Daniel Cranston repeated as Open champion while Ilias Gikas claimed the Veterans crown.

GRTSC’s Peter Alegi placed third in the Open and second in the Veterans.

Full report and results forthcoming.

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Alegi wins Flicko de Mayo


The 7th annual Flicko de Mayo tournament took place on May 5, at The Summit Sports Complex in the Lansing area.

Participants came from Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and, of course, Michigan, for this ASA Open/FISTF Satellite/WASPA event.

The first round of group play featured some exciting games. Erik Haefke held Alegi to a fiercely contested 1-1 draw, while Chris Sweetland scored the only goal against Paul Pate in a crucial head-to-head match. IIias Gikas bounced back from two early losses with a string of impressive wins. Alex Galarza and Joe Legatz put in solid performances as well.

In the semifinals, Haefke fought off Gikas’s comeback and Alegi took care of Sweetland. Alegi’s shooting touch was on fine display in the final, which he won 5-1 over Haefke.

In the last event of the day, Chicago TSC defeated Grand Rapids TSC 2-1 in the Great Lakes Cup (Team Challenge).

Thanks to all participants for the good competition and camaraderie. See you in 2019!



Alex Galarza – Chris Sweetland 1-1
Paul Pate – Joe Legatz 2-1
Erik Haefke – Ilias Gikas 4-1

Pate – Sweetland 0-1
Haefke – Legatz 3-0
Peter Alegi – Gikas 3-0

Galarza – Legatz 0-0
Haefke – Alegi 1-1
Sweetland – Gikas 1-5

Alegi – Galarza 3-0
Pate – Gikas 0-5
Sweetland – Legatz 3-0

Galarza – Haefke 0-3
Alegi – Pate 3-0
Legatz – Gikas 1-6

Gikas – Galarza 3-0
Pate – Haefke 0-2
Sweetland – Alegi 0-5

Galarza – Pate 0-1
Haefke – Sweetland 2-1
Legatz – Alegi 0-4



Alegi – Sweetland 4-0
Haefke – Gikas 2-1

Alegi – Haefke 5-1

GREAT LAKES CUP (Team Challenge)

Chicago TSC 2 – Grand Rapids TSC 1

[Gikas vs Pate 6-1, Sweetland vs Legatz 3-0, Haefke vs Alegi 2-5]

April Training Report


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On Sunday, April 30, club members Paul Pate, Peter Alegi, and Joe Legatz staged a training session at Myers View in Rockford.

The matches were mainly in preparation for the upcoming Flicko de Mayo tournament and the Great Lakes Cup team challenge vs Chicago.


Peter – Joe 2-0
Joe – Paul 1-0
Peter – Paul 4-0
Paul – Peter 0-5
Paul – Joe 0-0
Joe – Peter 0-3


Announcing Flicko de Mayo 2018



Grand Rapids TSC is pleased to announce the 7th edition of Flicko de Mayo—Michigan’s premier table soccer tournament.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday, May 5, 10am-4pm, at The Summit Sports & Ice Complex in the Lansing area.

Flicko de Mayo is an ASA Open and FISTF Satellite event, which means the tournament once again will award points for the U.S. and world rankings. Participants are expected from Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.

“We look forward to welcoming some of the best table soccer players in the region to The Summit,” says Peter Alegi, GRTSC secretary and USA World Cup team member.

Matches will be played on Extreme Works and Astrobase pitches using Top Spin balls.



2017 Peter Alegi (Michigan)
2016 Daniel Cranston (Maryland)
2015 Erik Haefke (Iowa)
2014 Peter Alegi (Michigan)
2013 Steve Laskey (Ohio)
2012 Mike Ewer (Michigan)


For more information about this tournament, please visit our FB page.


Lake Effect Trophy Report

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Organizing a tournament in winter in Michigan is what makes Grand Rapids TSC’s Lake Effect Trophy special.

Not even heavy snow accumulation on Sunday, February 11, could stop Paul Pate and Joe Legatz from driving 70 miles from Grand Rapids to play this WASPA event in East Lansing. That’s real table soccer passion and commitment!

Four players completed a round robin, and then in the semifinals Paul edged Joe 1-0 on a spectacular long shot, while Peter beat newcomer Bernardo Maestrini. In the final, Peter ran away with the match against Paul in the second half to claim the 2018 Lake Effect Trophy. In the consolation final, Joe beat Bernardo to take third place.

East Lansing, Michigan

Paul Pate-Joe Legatz 1-1
Peter Alegi-Bernardo Maestrini 5-0
Paul-Bernardo 2-0
Joe-Peter 0-4
Paul-Peter 1-5
Joe-Bernardo 2-0

Peter 9 points (14 GF 1 GA)
Paul 4 (4-6)
Joe 4 (3-5)
Bernardo (0-9)

Paul-Joe 1-0
Peter-Bernardo 7-0

Paul vs Peter 0-6

3rd Place
Bernardo vs Joe 0-2