From left: Alex Galarza, Marcus Fila, Joe Legatz, Peter Alegi, and Paul Pate


Play Subbuteo, have a good time, and develop table soccer in West and Mid-Michigan.


Grand Rapids Table Soccer Club was founded on November 1, 2015. The club builds on the legacy of the Michigan Subbuteo Table Football Association (2003-2015). Our members compete in local tournaments, as well as the ASA Nationals, the American Subbuteo National League, and the FISTF World Cup.

We are affiliated with the American Subbuteo Association, the World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association, and the Federation International of Sports Table Football.

2017 has been an historic year for our club. In May we won the Great Lakes Team Cup Challenge against Chicago. In August we hosted ASA Nationals and the ASNL.


Club membership is open to all. For more info you can email Paul Pate (paulpate AT yahoo DOT com). We are also on Facebook and on Twitter.


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